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Canine Rehabilitation is imperative for
a successful FHO Recovery

After a dog has had FHO surgery, professional canine rehabilitation should be mandatory. Having a trained professional guide you through the process of recovery really makes a tremendous difference. It is important to quickly regain the range of motion and get the dog weight bearing as soon as possible. The sooner they begin to bear weight the sooner they begin to rebuild lost muscle.

If canine rehabilitation is not available to you, then the Home Rehabilitation Guide from TopDog will help guide you through the recovery process. This Step-by-Step instructional manual has helped thousands of dogs all around the world recovery from FHO surgery. The guide holds your hand from the day your dog gets home after surgery to then end of their recovery. It is packed with therapies and exercise for you to do with your dog and promotes an overall conservative, safe but very effective recovery.

An important part of the recover process is the proper pain management protocol. At TopDog we are passionate when it comes to pain management. Often times dogs are not prescribed pain medications for a long enough period of time after surgery and therefore the recovery process is slow or gets delayed because of pain and the dog not wanting to use the leg. Make sure you discuss this with your veterinarian.